Birth Photos



  • FREE in-person or zoom consultation meeting

  • on call 24/7 starting at 37 weeks for Labor and delivery coverage

  • 2-hour golden hour / postpartum / breastfeeding and measurement coverage 

  • 24 hr. sneak peek reveal after birth (1-2 images)

  • online viewable gallery


Starting price does not include digitals.

Gallery and Package Upgrades available.

Want to see what your birth story could look like? Check out a birth story gallery here.




Birth Films



  • FREE in-person or zoom consultation meeting

  • on call 24/7 starting at 37 weeks for Labor and delivery coverage

  • 2-hour golden hour / postpartum / breastfeeding and measurement coverage 

  • 45 sec. sneak peek announcement clip

  • 3-4 min birth film

  • downloadable link through vimeo


Photo and Package Upgrades available.

Want to see what your birth story could look like? Check out a birth film here.



F. A.Q

Birth Photography Questions 

Q. How do I book you for my birth ?

A. Im so excited that you want to book me for your birth story. First I recommend checking out my starting price details here. Then head over to my contact page and fill out my contact form and I will contact you within 24-48hrs so we can schedule a FREE consultation to go over details and chat a little more to see if we are a great fit for each other. It's important that you hire birth workers you feel a connection with because birth is a very sacred space and you want to make sure that whoever you invite into your space brings you confidence and calmness. Please keep in mind when waiting for my responses for the first time there may be a short delay. I do homeschool my children during the day time so if I don't respond quickly i'm probably teaching my kiddos or we are on an adventure with them exploring the world and being present with my babies when i'm not on-call or out working is very important to me. My booked clients do get priority response when i'm on-call so again I ask for lots of patience. 

Q. Do you attend all births and how far do you travel ?

A. Yes! Home, birth center, hospital, cesarean where ever you plan to birth I will go. I do limit my travel to within a 2hr radius. If you are really wanting to work with me and you are outside of that driving range talk to me and we can figure something out. Why the 2hr radius? So I can better serve you as my client and not risk the chance of missing your birth and to also make sure I can get to your birthing location in a reasonable time frame. 

Q. When should I book you ?

A. My clients  usually will secure their deposits as soon as they find out because my availability is limited per month. I only allow 1-2 births a month and that is because my birth clients are my priority and very important to me. I want to make sure that I am giving them the best experience ever. If you are just deciding a few months before thats OK I am happy to see if I have an available spot. If I am unable to take your brith please still contact me because I can definitely still recommend other amazing local photographers that you can check out.. 

Q. How long do you stay at the birth ?

A. You are my top priority as my client so I will stay as long as I need to. I want to make sure that I capture everything from your birth that we discuss in our consult together that was very important to you and I will do my best to make sure I achieve that. I do take breaks in between to eat or use the restroom, if its been a really long day or night and you need a nap I will head to the waiting room to nap too while you rest to reboot my energy so I can be ready for the next big moments. If things aren't progressing too quickly I will sometimes head home to sleep but I will always make sure you guys are ok before I leave and will come back when things start to pick up again. During this time it is very important that you or your partner keep very close contact with me during the labor stages because birth is very unpredictable and I don't want to miss anything for your birth story. Once you deliver I will stay up to 2 hrs for postpartum photos to capture skin to skin, baby measurements, the first latch and your first cuddles together. 

Q. What if you miss my birth ?

A. My goal is to never miss a birth but life does happen so depending on the situation if I feel that I am unable to attend your birth especially when it comes to sickness I do have a backup photographer available. During our consult we will go over more details on how this process works if my back up is needed. But every time my clients book me my back photographer is notified immediately and when I go on call they also go on a flexible on call status. If I am unable to attend your birth just know that you will still receive the same high quality work as if I had attended your birth. I have yet to miss a birth and I hope I never have to but just know in case it occurs I am prepared. 

Q. How many photos will I get ?

A. My birth stories include the full gallery of digitals its your birth story I would never want you to fill that you were missing apart of it. Birth can be unpredictable but my birth galleries range from 100+ digitals.

Q. Will you take photos of my vagina, breast or full naked body?

A. This is YOUR  birth, YOUR body! I will photograph whatever you want me to photograph if you want every aspect of your birth documented then I will do just that but if you want me to stay behind the scenes when pushing thats perfectly fine. Over the shoulder and side views are amazing too! Birth isn't just about being NUDE. Its about connection, touch, emotion, strength, your support team, being empowered and vulnerable all at the same time and showing how you roared through all your contractions to give life to your baby! I also DO NOT share any nude photos unless you have given the OK to! Your privacy and respect for your body is VERY important to me and I take it very seriously. 

Q. Do I have to pay the full session fee all at once ?

A. To secure your estimated due date I require a $500 deposit at the time of booking and only ask that your remaining balance be paid in full by 37 weeks. Some clients prefer to pay in full and others like the flexibility of a payment plan. I do not pressure and hound you about the money. I provide a private client portal link to your invoice and you have the freedom to pay anytime as long as the full balance is paid by 37 weeks. If you are person that needs reminders trust me I get it! I have alarms for almost everything. Id be happy to set up a specific payment plan with due date reminders. Whatever works best for your family financially i'm here to work with you!


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The first thing I have to say AMAZING!!! Angelique is the sweetest and most down to earth person you’ll ever work with. My husband and I had her do our labor, birth, and first 48 photos and our experience was more than we could have asked for. She was extremely attentive and made us feel comfortable through every step of the way. As first time parents, we didn’t know what to expect and labor was definitely was a blur for me... my husband Josh’s biggest take away was that she was very informed and he enjoyed someone who he could trust through such an intimate time. Our pictures came out great and she captured all the right angles and details we had asked for. She is 100% our go to birth photographer.

Sarah + Josh

Fresh 48- Kaiser Hosital - Antioch,CA  -