About me

I've been in love with art and creating anything I could since I was able to hold a pencil. I can't help but be the dreamer that I am. I used to think I dreamed too big and everything I wanted was unrealistic but then I birthed my babies, which in its self has opened my eyes that all things are possible.  All that I am is not quite complete yet but as long as I can create my mind and soul are leading a life where I belong. Taking in my 20's but ready to lead my way into 30.

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Hello I'm  Angelique

Image by Jess Bailey

Are you wondering how old I am? lol


Well, I just told you a little about why I love creating and how I have big dreams but who am I?

        in a short and sweet list... 

Image by Jess Bailey
  • I'm 28 years old and birthed 3 beautiful children who are my everything

  • a young mom who birthed her firstborn at 18

  • I'm happily married to the man I thought I never deserved

  • an inspired minimalist I love an organized simple space

  • a pretend interior designer decorating my house 

  • a craft junkie with a ton of unfinished projects

  • Waldorf Inspired Homeschooling mama 

  • an Etsy planner shop owner

Image by Jess Bailey

You can follow our homeschooling journey in instagram @oursimpletrio

Image by Jess Bailey

"Be different with kindness and love"