Hello I'm  Angelique

I've been in love with art and creating anything I could possible since I was able to hold a pencil. I can't help but be the dreamer that I am. I used to think I dreamed too big and everything I wanted was unrealistic but then I birthed my babies, that in its self has opened my eyes that all things are possible.  All that I am is not quite complete yet but as long as I can create my mind and soul are leading a life where I belong. Taking in my 20's but ready to lead my way into 30.


"Be different with kindness and love" 

Why photography ?

It happened really on the most random day when I decided to take a leap of faith and dive straight in with the sharks and start a photography business. Sharks? you may question. YEAH! that's how I felt about photography, I felt that I was not going to be good, id be judged, my friends who were photographers I felt like they'd think that I was copying them. But I had to put all those negative self defeating thoughts in the garbage and just do it! So I literally was just in a deep thoughtful moment most likely deep cleaning my house. ( lol I tend to do that when I'm stressed ) The thought of it just popped in my head. I had a list of things that I would love to try as a entrepreneur and photography was the very last thing on the list. If it didn't work out then I felt I wouldn't know who I wanted to be when I grew up. So I took the idea and went to my husband and close family and asked them what they thought of the idea. They all told me " JUST DO IT! " and sure enough I went full blown took a loan out and dived deep with in the sea of photographers and swam like I was in a marathon and never stopped swimming. 

I am completely and absolutely in love with my job. Creating beautiful images for expecting mamas and families with their newborn babes

My style 

I love the every day documentary lifestyle vibe. It can't get any better than authentic imagery. I love posing but it only gets better when its natural reactions that shine through the images.  That's why I loooove birth and in home sessions so much. They are so natural and real with true joy and intense emotion that when you look at the photos in your album they make you stop and feel. With my style of photography I want you to feel like your there in that moment again but viewing it in pause. Can you hear the giggles happening? Can you hear the screams you let out when pushing your baby out?  I want people to feel all of those sentimental emotions that we tend to forget because everything is happening so fast. I edit my art with true skin and color tones with a clean fresh airy feel but I also base it off the indoor lighting situation and the mood to create a story that will be remembered and relived time and time again. You can always 80% of the time catch me with my 100 mm macro for outdoor portraits or my well loved 35mm. For in home sessions my 35 never leaves my camera its my go to like I said its WELL LOVED. 


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