Raising Love

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The moments in between are the moments worth capturing. 

Sacramento Birth Photographer
Sacramento Birth Photographer
Sacramento Birth Photographer

Who is Raising Love?

Raising love is anyone who raises their family with intense, dedication and passionate love. They may be growing and learning to nurture their baby for the first time, or with their second or sixth baby, but each time they experience a new and intense kind of love for all their children. It becomes powerful and honestly indescribable. But it all leads back to the core of them and their partner, the love they have for each other that lead to their beautiful babies. Even through all the late night feedings, toddler tantrums, disagreements between each other, nothing breaks the love that created it all.  At the end of the day they're raising their family with ultimate love.

hello there!

My name's Angelique! im so glad your here and want to know more about who I am. As a mother of three beautiful children capturing birth stories holds a special place in my heart because I truly believe birth photography found me. It makes my mama heart squeal with joy and happiness. You can catch me homeschooling during the week and creating in the late hours of the night. Click below and ill tell you more about my journey...



Sacramento Birth Photographer

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